What kind of privileges is there when I have a surgery in Gangnam through Young Life in Seoul?

When you take a walk around Gangnam in Seoul, you would realize why people call this place the Mecca of Plastic Surgery. Around 70%~80% of plastic surgery in Seoul are located in this area, and it is a comprehensive medical town of beauty and plastic surgery that daily aims for unbeatable game with advanced plastic surgery techniques. So this place has become a very famous sight for foreigners who visit Korea, and today, it continues with the best medical technology.

1) Since both has permission of Korean government (the Ministry of Health and Welfare), they are safe, recognized by Korean government.
2) Since it collaborates with the hospitals that have the best facility and many professional medical staff, you can select the best hospital
    according to your physical characteristics.
3) We will get your visa ready so that you can have plastic surgery in Gangnam, Seoul, and Jeju Island.
4) We will guide you so that you can enjoy the tour around Seoul and Jeju Island except when you are having a surgery.
5) We guide you to the places where you can purchase duty-free items such as professional skin care cosmetics and clothes.
6) Making an appointment with the first-class hospital is easy. It is more economical than when you visit individually, and the surgery price is
7) When college students (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral) make an appointment on Young Life in Seoul's homepage, we will provide
   15% discount.

1.Essential information
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Please select surgeries you wish to receive. eyelids nose facial bone (mandible or zygoma) breast liposuction
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magic lift scar hair botox filler calf reduction nevus lips etc

2.Hotel reservation
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* For foreign patients, we can provide hotel reservations for your stay in Korea after the surgical procedure.
호텔예약 지도
*Please enter your hotel service information.

Young Dong Hotel
- 95,000 Korean Won per night, 300m away from Young Life in Seoul.
The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul
- 250,000 Korean Won per night, 1.5km away from Young Life in Seoul.
Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul
- 150,000 Korean Won per night, 2km away from Young Life in Seoul.
Art Nouveau City Ⅲ Seocho
- 110,000 Korean Won per night, 3km away from Young Life in Seoul.
Sejong Hotel
- 130,000 Korean Won per night , 6.3km away from Young Life in Seoul -Located in Myeong-dong Shopping Town.
Ellui Hotel
- 120,000 Korean Won per night, 2km away from Young Life in Seoul.
Grand Ambassador Seoul Associated with Pullman
- 152,000 Korean Won per night, 5.5km away from Young Life in Seoul.
COATEL Chereville
- 110,000 Korean Won per night, 2km away from Young Life in Seoul, Apartment Style Hotel - Kitchen available.
Gangnam Serviced Residences
- 99,000 Korean Won per night, 1.5km away from Young Life in Seoul, Apartment Style Hotel - Kitchen available.
Sun Shine Hotel
- Double 110,000 Korean won per night, 1.2km away from Young Life in Seoul.
Highland Hotel
- Double 77,000 7-1, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu,Seoul, 1km away from Young Life in Seoul.

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3.Guest House
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* The guest house provided by Young Life in Seoul Plastic Surgery Hospital is free of charge. This accommodation is located 100m away from the hospital and is equipped with bed, TV, refrigerator and bathroom. It can be asked when you make a reservation for surgery.

4.Pick-up Service
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* After checking airport pick-up service, all you need to do is to pay the service fee to the driver when you meet him or her. (around 65-70 USD).

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