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Gangnam in Seoul, Korea, is famous in the field of medical aesthetic (beauty care, plastic surgery, and beauty). Why is that?

In Gangnam of Seoul and Jeju Island, Korea, there are approximately one thousand medical aesthetic hospitals (plastic surgery, dermatology, dental clinic, and beauty shop), and customers from many countries such as China, Russia, Mongolia, and Vietnam visit them for beauty treatments.

Plastic surgery in Korea began in 1965 for the first time, and after going through a period of maturity for about fifty years, it has secured the world's best stability and surgery competitiveness in the fields of eyes, nose, breast, liposuction, facial contouring, and stem cells.

When you take a walk around Gangnam in Seoul, you would realize why people call this place the Mecca of Plastic Surgery. Around 70%~80% of plastic surgery in Seoul are located in this area, and it is a comprehensive medical town of beauty and plastic surgery that daily aims for unbeatable game with advanced plastic surgery techniques. So this place has become a very famous sight for foreigners who visit Korea, and today, it continues with the best medical technology.

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Then how can you meet a hospital that has rational price and best facility among one thousand medical aesthetic hospitals in Gangnam in Seoul and Jeju Island?

Young Life in Seoul is here to help. We have official permission from the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korean government and the qualifications and staff to guide foreigners to travel in Korea, and we can guarantee safe and comfortable trip to our customers since we signed agreements with all the medical aesthetic hospitals and beauty shops in Korea.

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01. When receiving a beauty plastic surgery in Korea, which hospital should I go?

There are approximately one thousand medical aesthetic hospitals in Gangnam in Seoul and Jeju Island, Korea, and it is difficult for foreigners to know which hospital is good and conducts good surgery.
Even Koreans do not understand the characteristics of each hospital and post questions online. If you come to Young Life in Seoul first, we can handpick the one with the best facility and specialist and guide you according to your physical characteristics.

02. Can I get a safe surgery when I go to a large plastic surgery hospital that is advertized online?

All the hospitals have their own professional field. Even a large hospital cannot excel in all the fields of eyes, nose, breast, and liposuction. It is only possible when there is a specialist who excels in a specific part.
We can say that a large hospital has good and safe level of specialist and facility, but there are many patients, so it is difficult to have an appointment with the representative doctor.
When you come to Young Life in Seoul first, we can select the most proper hospital for your physical characteristics for surgery and make an appointment according to the travel schedule.

03. Can I pay for the hospital surgery to the agency or travel company before I visit South Korea?

No, it is a very dangerous method. If you pay in your country before coming to South Korea, it would probably be difficult to have surgeries at excellent hospitals.
If you pay first without the counseling on surgeries in your country, it gets difficult for you to receive good treatment in Korea, though you already paid high price, so we recommend that you come to Korea first, have counseling at the hospitals, and then pay.
When you reserve first before you depart through the reservation website of Young Life in Seoul, you can find hospitals according to the desired body parts for surgery and physical characteristics and change your schedules accordingly, enabling convenient travel while you are in Korea.

04. Are there differences in surgery costs for Korean and foreigner in Korean hospital?

The surgery for foreigner is a little bit more expensive than that for Korean, and it applies to all the hospitals. It is more expensive because it costs more to have the expansion of facility for foreigners, hire translators, and prepare the promotional materials.
Even so, if you make an appointment through Young Life in Seoul and visit Korea, you will receive many benefits with cheaper price than when you make an appointment individually. (You can enjoy many benefits such as making hotel reservation and vehicle pick-up and etc.)

05. What kind of privileges is there when I have a surgery in Gangnam through Young Life in Seoul?

1. Since both has permission of Korean government (the Ministry of Health and Welfare), they are safe, recognized by Korean government.
2. Since it collaborates with the hospitals that have the best facility and many professional medical staff, you can select the best hospital according to your physical characteristics.
3. We will get your visa ready so that you can have plastic surgery in Gangnam, Seoul, and Jeju Island.
4. We will guide you so that you can enjoy the tour around Seoul and Jeju Island except when you are having a surgery.
5. We guide you to the places where you can purchase duty-free items such as professional skin care cosmetics and clothes.
6. Making an appointment with the first-class hospital is easy. It is more economical than when you visit individually, and the surgery price is cheap.
7. When college students (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral) make an appointment on Young Life in Seoul's homepage, we will provide 15% discount.

06. When having a surgery in Korea, is it safe and without any post-problems?

Korean plastic surgery is world-famous, and even now, many patients from all over the world visit Korea. Such fame is possible because there are specialist doctors with high skills and cutting-edge facility within the hospitals. The reason why a Korean doctor with high fame in Korea cannot conduct a surgery in a foreign country is because there is no cutting-edge facility in the local area.
Young Life in Seoul is a company with permission from Korean government (the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korean Tourism Organization), and it is safe and guarantees safety since it has government-sponsored insurance.

07. How can I make a reservation to have surgery in South Korea?

When you make a reservation through the Young Life in Seoul reservation website, the company will guide you.
The reservation website is in Chinese and English, and we guide in these two languages. When you arrive in Korea, an interpreter who can speak your language will guide you from Incheon Intermational Airport and throughout your schedules such as hospital consulting and traveling for delicate and careful medical aesthetic.


Plastic Surgery Hospital

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